I love Mrs Jen 🥰 they’re so nice and she will always try to make it work Great prices very kind people, a great selection. Good vibes 🙌 …
Jayla Fairley
Ceantra and Irene are amazing. I was able to get my hair and nails done at the same time. Every minute of the service was exquisite!
lisa zephir
I love the shop! The vibes in there is miraculous Kasey and Chari really know how to make you feeel sooo comfortable. I love their aura and how patient and understanding they are. Definitely passionate about what they do.
Marra Jean
One of the best salon in Polk I’ve ever been ✌🏽 They offer all services like braids, nails, lashes, waxing, facial. You can get everything done in one place . Customer service a1 as well real professional and great work . My stylist is snook shes the best . Been rocking with her for 5 years now . Never disappoint .
Brianna Kenemuth
Chari Divine is a GO TO from here on out! She is a one stop shop for me! I just went yesterday and got a Brazilian wax done for the first time ever!!! When I walked into the shop it was so cute little refreshers n snacks & the women working so so kind! Everyone had smile on their face!!! When getting the wax done Chari is so professional but still know how to make u feel right at home! I was so self conscious going in but as soon as I laid down in her space that all went away! Thank you Chari Divine you did wonders!!!! I’ll be a return client for sure. With the month of April she did promo that included a free facial!!!! #1 my face has NOT stopped glowing yet lol #2 she got just the right touch! You guys rock keep it up 🥰
Tamiria Perry
Got my very first Wax & Facial done by Chari Devine And it was AMAZING she was very social and sweet I was comfortable during my whole appointment 10/10 I’ll definitely be coming back ❗️
Jalisa Meeks
Great Atmosphere Nothing But Good Vibes I Like The Way My Hair Was Did Definitely Will Be Come Back ♥️.
Eric Johnson
Facial the best ever “Chari Divine”. Take her time very gentle nice touch. I’m looking good thanks Chari. You got me locked in every month.